Website Copywriting:

A new voice for the all-new Cannalysis website

The Story:

Cannalysis Lab’s new website exemplifies the pinnacle of innovation for cannabis testing, from proprietary robotics to their world-class, white-glove service.

The company is making a difference in the cannabis testing industry. And they’re starting in the lab. Their focus is on technology with a purpose that’s validated by science. The result is better products, better processes, and better user experience for customers. With six PhDs on staff (and counting), Cannalysis is legitimizing an industry that’s changing the world.

I connected with Cannalysis during their initial growth phase -- partially funded and moving at the speed of light. Their website needed to make a bold statement and complement a state-of-the-art testing laboratory. The final product needed to clearly communicate influence and expertise, a flag-in-the-ground presence for partners to believe in.

The final product speaks directly to their business model. The content and messaging support one cohesive story -- Cannalysis Labs provides the premium comprehensive testing platform; they are the all-in-one supply chain partner and their leading technology elevates the testing experience from start to finish.

Landing Page Copy:

A clear and concise landing page for an AI consultancy

The client, a full-scale artificial intelligence consultancy, needed a landing page to greet highly targeted visitors from an industry partner. The goal was to receive project inquires (lead generation) from partner referrals. The constraints included a quick turnaround and minimal development, using only their current Wordpress theme.