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Top Talents Wants meaning: Companies, Lead With Purpose

In the modern workplace, purpose drives talent, impacting both individual and team performance. Without purpose, skilled employees will eventually develop an escape plan. Therefore, if performance is measured to determine overall success, a sense of purpose must be cultivated across the company. How are successful organizations leading their workforce to find such meaning in their professional roles? Well, there are many reasons why people work, and although money, status, and prestige...

To Build Thought Leadership, Engage Your People – The Startup –

Employee engagement on social media… who needs it, right? In an era defined by having “influencers” for everything (including SugarBearHair gummies — yes, even candy “vitamins” have influencers) and an abundance of user generated content (UGC) for all to consume, who needs employees to share in the frenzy of likes, comments, shares and follows? Every. Single. Organization. That’s who. Why? Because it helps build thought leadership. To build a stronger case...

UX, Positive Change and Togetherness: Murals are Societies Best Tool for Expression

The events of 2017 have positioned 2018 to be a year for recovery, growth, and healing from recent events: political chaos, global humanitarian crises and environmental injustice to name a few. Feeling humanity’s readiness, Designing North Studios is on a mission to find and highlight the small details making a difference in society, starting with the collective effort witnessed from the creation of murals as a form of communication. Cities across America are in desperate need of more public ar

Digital Designers and Drug Dealers: We All Need The User

Nobody wants to be called a user. In grade school, that meant you only pretended to be friends with Tina because you really liked Amy. User. In high school, when your mom found Jack’s badly rolled joint in your jeans pocket on a pre-wash inspection, she freaked. Oh my gosh honey, are you a user!? But once you found yourself in the digital design world, the seemingly unsophisticated and often maligned moniker ‘user’ took on a more positive mantle. In fact, it opened the door to thought-provoking

Bring This Mindset to Every Project, Leave a Lasting Impression on Clients

When you freelance for a living (that is, a paycheck isn’t guaranteed every two weeks), leaving your client with a positive lasting impression is critical to your success. And when you are responsible for sourcing new work, reputation is everything, worth its weight in gold. How you approach projects and interact with clients matters. It’s part of your brand, and serves as the foundation of your brand equity.

User Experience and Retail Strategy, Together Again

User experience (UX) and and retail are getting together, again. But this time, it’s going to be different. This time, retail strategy and UX are going to get things right; brick-and-mortar and digital will finally accept their marriage as a lifelong union with their sum being greater than their parts, and relationship goals will soon refer to the comfortable, personalized attention that a “store” experience should provide customers. Wait a minute… did we say customers? We meant people! That’s

Good Design is Inclusive, and Inclusive Design is Good for Everyone; These TED Talks Prove it

Life creates many problems for humans; some, you may be familiar with. Fortunately, designers create many solutions for life’s problems. Using the principles of Life Design and a human-centered approach, there are many creatives, technologists, and educators in this world who dedicate their time to thinking differently and creating a “better path forward” — usually for the benefit of others. They are designing north. As it stands, there are many talented designers and thinkers in this world all

The Art of Cultivating a Responsive Network Using a Project Management Approach

Building on our project management frame of reference, establishing — and adhering to — a process enables you to more effectively cultivate a responsive network. Organization, time management, and clear communication is attainable when you answer the ‘who,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how’ of your networking activities. Who do you want in your network? What value do you offer them? — and them, me? How do I network with the right people? This is the purpose of adopting a process;

Pick Your People, Your Success Depends on it – Live Your Life On Purpose –

Interconnectedness. Support. Opportunity. Exposure. Everyone wants it, but few know where to find it. And crafting the right network is a crucial step towards experiencing personal and professional success. Fortunately, personal and professional networks function to serve the people who maintain their existence — you! Of course, networks require cultivation — and grow best when crafted with care and intention, with a greater-good value proposition.

Designing Your Life Using Artistic Creation; a Lesson in Mental Clarity, Empathy and Fun

Have you ever thought about designing your life? Essentially crafting a “tomorrow” that gets you excited, feeling ready for what’s next. If you have, good for you — you’re one step ahead of most. Our tips will keep you moving forward. And if not, we can help you get started. Echoing the words of every parent, “You aren’t getting any younger!” The most common question we encounter is where do I begin? And from our many experiences in the design studio working with others to develop the designin

All-Hands Approach to Cybersecurity in the Workplace: IT, Business Leaders and Employees

It was once said that cybersecurity in the workplace wouldn’t exist without IT. Well, that statement is now showing its age and has since evolved into something more inclusive. In reality, there is no cybersecurity without IT, business AND employees working together with shared objectives and a strong culture. Simply put, every organization should approach cybersecurity by integrating the IT department, business units and employees. We’ve said it before and well say it again:

Finding Your Flow Like a Designer, With Advice From an Executive Creative Director

What is flow? What does flow mean? And how on earth can flow be experienced? (Outside of the Progressive insurance commercials). For the longest time, these questions lingered among the team at Designing North Studios as we navigated the sea of creativity and requirements each project demanded. But that was then. Now, with the guidance of our Executive Director, Lisa Peacock, our team has learned how to position our schedules to find our individual flow. And you can do the same: by following ou

Cultivating a Productive Network With a Focus on People

Cultivating a productive network is a crucial step towards experiencing happiness and success in one’s life, both personally and professionally. Every community (digital and physical) presents new introductions and opportunities for connecting with good people — people chosen by you. Interconnectedness. Support. Opportunity. Exposure. Everyone wants these factors, but few know where to find them.

Crafting a New Reality for Education and Career Decisions: Lead With UX

The take-away feeling an end user records from an experience in a digital environment reigns supreme. Because of this, the new reality for education and career decision making demands attention be payed to the placebo effect — or “pixel reality.” With almost any product or service accessible via wifi and a connected device, user behavior is most accurately analyzed with patterns of interaction between people and technology devices.

The Art Of Paying It Forward

The Art Of Paying It Forward Without Spending A Dime We’ve all been there before, caught up in the routine-of-things with little thought for what life has to offer outside of “the daily grind.” Rarely, do we take time to think about the others before us who “paid it forward” in one way or another, granting opportunities that would have otherwise never presented themselves. When we pay it forward, we commit and act of selflessness that transcends our connection to other humans on the planet.